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What's Up: July 2017

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Sorry for the hiatus, but the past few months have been filled with nothing but blessings that I had to take in!

I'm ecstatic to say, I have completed my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree, and am a proud graduate of Winston Salem State University!

I can also officially say I' m a Registered Nurse! I passed my NCLEX: 75 questions and an hour and a half later.

I will be starting my first nursing job soon, as a RN in the Women's Health Residency at a local hospital.

We are also about THREE weeks away from my 23rd birthday!

There are lots of amazing blog and vlog posts coming soon, on the topics above, as well as natural hair and beauty. The site will also be undergoing some construction, as it is updated to best reflect KamriBriana! I intended on having a new post at least once a week, so stay tuned!

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