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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Twas the week of Christmas...

We have all procrastinated when it comes to gift giving before or maybe you have a last minute Secret Santa gift to whip together. Well I'm here to help with some easy and inexpensive gift options to please everyone's palette.


Fill a Christmas stocking with all of your recipients favorite inexpensive items (candies, chap sticks, hand lotions, make up, mini hair products, etc.)

Fragrance Set

Bath and Body Works has all types of scents to fit everyone, male or female. Grab a lotion, body spray, and body wash in a coordinating scent, and voila! Bath and Body Works even offers cellophane bags and logo ribbons to put your gift together. If you need a little more, grab a coordinating candle or hand sanitizer. Hurry in for the Buy 3, Get 2 Free Sale on Signature Body Care!

Coffee Lover

Grab a cute coffee mug, add in some tea bags, Starbucks Via Instant Coffees or K-Cups, and a few flavored individual coffee creamers. Wrap it up in a bag, and you're good to go!

*Need more? Add a Starbucks Gift Card.

"Stay Warm" Set

Grab a matching scarf and hat or mittens set. Great for recipients of all ages and perfect for males or females.

Baking Set

Purchase a festive oven mit, and fill with cookie, cake or muffin mix, a baking spoon or spatula.

Movie Lover

Purchase a few DVD's (Check out Walmart's $5 selection), tie together with a few bags of popcorn and your recipients favorite movie candy. Add a gift tag and write a cute movie related message.

*Need more? Add a gift card to your local movie theater

Friend that recently moved?

Gather the essentials for their home:

  • Candles/Plug-Ins

  • Screwdrivers or Hammer

  • Batteries

  • A Mirror

  • Wall Decals

Getting in Shape?

For your friend who makes the dreaded New Year's Resolution to get in shape, why not help them out? Get them a handy water bottle, some dumbells/ weights, and various other equipment such as arm phone holders for running, stretch bands, etc.

Tech Savvy

For your tech savvy recipient, a simple gift is a Bluetooth Speaker or Bluetooth Headphones. After all, who doesn't like to listen to music! If you have some money to splurge, purchase them an Amazon Echo Dot ($39.99 on Amazon.com and available for 2-day shipping)

Gift In A Jar

A gift in a jar is just as its namesake states, pick a theme and fill a jar with all sorts of knick knacks for your recipient.

  • Examples

  • Spa In A Jar:

  • Spa Masks

  • Lotions

  • Loofah

  • EOS Chapstick

  • Pedicure Supplies

  • Color In A Jar: Pick items such as foods, candies, socks, etc. in one specific color scheme (orange, green, etc)

  • Wine Lover In A Jar:

  • Various Mini Bottles of Wine

  • Wine Opener

  • Wine Bottle Stopper

  • Chocolates

  • Best Stores for Last Minute Budget Shopping:

  • Five Below

  • Target's Dollar Deals Section

  • Dollar Tree

  • Walmart

  • Amazon.com

When all else fails... Purchase a gift card!

Good Luck, and have a wonderful Holiday Season, from my family to yours!

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