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Nurse Practitioner Journey: Second Quarter Update

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Hello All! I’m pleased to say that I have completed another quarter of my graduate school program, and am one step closer to becoming a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner!

This past quarter I took Advanced Pharmacology and Nursing Ethics. Advanced Pharmacology is a standard class of any graduate program and serves as a more in depth look into the pathophysiology of drugs we prescribe to patients. The ethics class I took was interesting, I got to view different landmark cases and analyze the moral and legal issues involved in them. My biggest takeaway: It’s crazy how a court system can decide what you do with your own body.

On my first quarter update I shared that though I’m enjoying Drexel, I would like to complete my degree at a Full-Time pace instead of Part-Time. I applied to Vanderbilt university and was placed on the wait list, meaning that if someone doesn’t accept admission, I may be offered. I wasn’t particularly upset about this decision, but I was definitely looking forward to transferring. I’m a believer that if it’s in God’s plan for you then it will happen, if not then it wasn’t meant for you.

I intend to continue my studies at Drexel University proudly, and remind myself daily that I’m accomplishing my dreams at my dream school. As I head into my third quarter I plan to organize more and allot more time to my studies, since I’ll be facing a course that was definitely not my favorite in undergrad: statistics. I have a research statistics course as well as a public policy course for the next 10 weeks.

Send lots of prayers and manifestations my way for my upcoming quarter! I look forward to hearing any comments or questions about my Nurse Practitioner Journey!

Look for a new post next Wednesday!

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