• Kamri Morris

I’m Relocating!

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Let me start off by saying, if you aren’t happy, don’t be afraid to make a change! George Bernard Shaw said it best, “Progress is impossible without change”

I’m in my early twenties, working my dream job, starting graduate school in the Fall, and trying to live my best life. But something still didn't feel right... I have an amazing support system, who always pushes me to be the best I can be. Yet, I still felt more alone than ever here in Winston-Salem. Once college was over, people moved away, got into relationships, started their adult lives, and the vibes here weren’t the same. There was no longer people to call up for dinner, people to call just to hang out, everyone is busy doing their own thing. Winston-Salem is a small city in North Carolina, on the rise but nonetheless, a small city. It's a great place to get married and raise a family, but that's not quite where I am in life. There's no nightlife, there's no social scene, there is really nothing to do but go out to eat, so I find myself getting away anytime I have a few days off. It’s unhealthy to not have person-to-person contact for four or five days at a time, it’s unhealthy to sit in the house for days on end, just because there is nothing to do or anybody to do anything with. It may seem like a trivial problem to have, but you won’t understand it until you feel it.

In college, I pretty much had to be forced to go back home. My freshman year, I only went home if they closed the dorms (ex. Christmas). I have always been the biggest advocate of getting away from where I was raised, not to run away, but to grow as a person! I never had any plans to return to Charlotte, North Carolina, but I am counting down the days at this point! It's an awful feeling to dread returning to the city you live in, to be miserable when you have to work because that means staying in Winston-Salem. I’m sad to leave the home I’ve built, the friends I’ve made, and the job I love, but sometimes you have to do what’s best for you.

I feel as though I’m in the prime of my life, I have an opportunity to do anything I want, wherever I want, yet I’m moving back to the city where I was born and raised. Moving to what I used to know as “home” seemed like the smartest decision at this point. I intend to move again, somewhere new, maybe D.C., maybe Texas, but at this point starting over in a place where I don’t know anyone, would leave me feeling the same way I currently feel in Winston-Salem. I chose to move back to Charlotte, because I could make a lateral transfer in the same company for work, and because my family and friends are still there. Will I be there forever? I don’t plan on it. I’m looking at this move as a fresh start to re-evaluate my 5 year plan. I want to decide which direction I’m going in, and where I see myself after graduate school.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”


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