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Summer Protective Styling

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

If you're like me, the summer is typically a busy time with school, work or vacations. No matter what you spend your summer doing, neglecting you hair will come back to bite you. Some naturals take full advantage of the weather by doing "wash and gos" all summer since it's the perfect chance to air-dry your hair. I like to take a different approach to the matter by doing low manipulation and protective styles. This can help to maintain moisture and manageability, and make you summer a little easier. Protective styling is any style that conceals the ends of the hair protecting them from damage caused by overexposure to the elements, friction and environmental pollution. Low manipulation styling is any style that requires minimal styling or upkeep. When protective styling, ensure your hair is thoroughly washed and clean before install since you hair may not be washed for a long period of time, also be sure you hair and ends are properly moisturized (LOC/LCO Method) to prevent breakage. Be aware that after removing your protective style you may see some shedding during the washing process due to the fact that your hair may not have been combed in a while. Most importantly make sure your real hair is cared for in the process! Last summer I posted a YouTube video (Thank God for the Glo Up lol) on protective styling, check it out after you finish checking out the protective style gallery below.


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