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#WCW Feature: Dominique Ford

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

I’m Dominique Ford from Charlotte, NC. I am a rising senior at Winston-Salem State University while interning at a local rehabilitation clinic for the summer. I’m also an up and coming natural YouTube blogger.

How long have you been natural?

I’ve been natural for 6 years, as of May, but I’ve only been natural styling for about 3 years. I was inspired to go natural because I was tired of always having to depend on someone else to do my hair, with putting in perms, and wanted to venture into new styles.

How would you describe your natural hair?

I have NO CLUE what my hair type is lol. I have never really cared to figure it out just because I feel like it would be no use. Towards the back of my hair, I had/have an undercut so it is really curly towards the back. It tends to be easier to manage in the middle and it is coarser towards the front with not as tight coils. Overall, thick though.

Current hair regimen?

My current hair regimen involves my go-to style, a “braid and curl”. I use “Kanechom Aloe Vera” as my leave-in, “Curls: Goddess Curl” gel and then my “Doo Gro: Mega Thick Growth Oil” to seal the moisture. I usually do it on freshly washed hair, plait sections of my hair all over and then take the small grey perm rods and roll my ends.

Favorite hair product?

My all-time favorite hair product, whether I am using it for a leave-in or to add moisture to my hair as a conditioner is “Tresemme: Flawless Curls Curl Hydration”. It is so affordable and smells so good!

What do you consider natural?

The term “natural” to me means the beauty you have that is genuine and unique, that has not been changed or altered by other people’s perceptions or society.

Would you say there are drawbacks to being natural?

One drawback of being natural is patience, which I had such a hard time with. You have to have patience with the growth of your hair, finding styles that work for you and for me the most challenging part, finding the right products for YOUR hair. Not just basing it off of what you see on YouTube.

What's your view on the natural hair community?

I love the natural community for the most part. They are very open and helpful when you have questions or even with tips on blogging. Where I have a problem is the acceptance of ALL naturals. I have had plenty of conversations with other naturals where I have to comment on them neglecting the naturals who have coarser hair rather than what is mostly portrayed, which is the super curly naturals. We have to love EVERY hair type.

Advice to those that are newly natural?

Newly naturals, enjoy the process. It is very liberating to see the transformation from relaxed to natural. It really taught me patience and self-love.

Personal IG: _domi; Natural Hair IG/YouTube: NaturallyDomi

As women we must embrace and uplift those around us, so I will continue to post a #WCW Feature pertaining to Natural Hair, Beauty, and Lifestyle.

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