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Weight Loss Journey: Part Three

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

It is officially time for me to head out to Miami, and as I sit in the airport I can't be anything but proud of my weight loss accomplishment. I have lostseven pounds in eleven days. My goal was to lose ten pounds, but regardless I am satisfied. For the last few days I have worked out at my local YMCA as well as working out at my home using the Exercise on Demand feature available for Time Warner Cable customers. For the last two days of my journey I have also been "body wrapping" using a weight loss recipe I found on Pinterest which is 1 cup of Bentonite Clay mixed with 2 cups of Green Tea. I applied the clay mixture and then wrapped with Saran Wrap; I then went to the sauna to sweat off the pounds. I am estatic for this well-deserved vacation! Off to South Beach, follow my trip on snapchat @kamri.briana


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