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Weight Loss Journey: Part One

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

T minus ELEVEN days until I am relaxing on the beach in South Beach, Miami, Florida. Which means I have eleven days to whip my body into shape. My biggest obstacle with weight loss is time management. My days are so busy between school, work, and my many organizations that I find it hard to fit a work out in. I purchased new bikinis and outfits for my trip and I am determined to shed a few pounds between now and then. People always have negatives to say about dieting, but two things have shown me great results in the past, the "Military Diet" and the "Special K Diet." With my last run on the military diet, I lost about 6 pounds in the three day time span, and was able to keep weight off afterwards by balancing calories and exercise with the "Lose It" App. So for this weight loss mission I am going on, I aim to lose 10 pounds and tone up. I plan to do this by doing the "Military Diet" for three days as a jump start then the "Special K Diet" for the remainder of the eight days, while attempting to squeeze in two workouts a day. I will keep you updated, pray for me!

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