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Back To Healthy

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Transitioning to most means going from relaxed to natural, but what happens when you're already natural but you're going through a hair crisis? I have been fully natural (big chop) since August 2012, and have been through many ups and downs with this natural journey. I have went through cuts and coloring and more, but lack of attention has really taken a toll on my hair. Over the past few months I have been occupied with joining a wonderful organization and excelling in nursing school that I have completely neglected caring for my hair. I have pretty much worn it in buns and puffs and have failed to properly moisturize it. My hair has become very dry and barely holds the styles I do (i.e. twist outs, bantu knots, etc.), when I look back on old pictures of my hair I can't help but miss how good it used to look. So I have vowed to be better to my hair, to maintain a regimen and return back to healthy hair! I am in the process of updating my YouTube channel, and will have new videos up soon with product reviews and updates on my journey- stay tuned.

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