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Hump Day Motivation

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Hello Ladies & Gents,

I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning. The hump day blues were in full effect! As I drag along in school, through work, and overall life I am forced to think about my blessings in disguise. We often get caught up in the monotonous routine of our lives that we forget to take a step back and look at the big picture. So many positives are all around us that we take for granted.

A recent post from my prophyte and fellow Winston-Salem State University Nursing Student stated: "I just interviewed for an emergency department registered nurse position and I was offered the job on the spot. JUST last week I was questioning God and upset in the fact that I thought my dreams of working in the ED right out of school was impossible. But my God showed me today his timing is PERFECT and while I'm excited about my future career I am more excited that I learned more about myself and my faith through this experience. To say I believed 100% that everything would work out would be a lie, but we all know what having faith as a grain of a mustard seed can do. I am truly so blessed."

Reading this got me to thinking about how though I feel like I'm very complacent with where I am at this point, that so many great things are in store in the very near future for me, I just need to trust the plan. I have been blessed with so many opportunities that I take for granted all the time! I am employed, everyone's biggest complaint, yet someone was unable to eat today because they don't the funds to do so. I am in school, succeeding towards earning a degree while someone may have not been afforded that opportunity. And most importantly I woke up healthy and in my right state of mind this morning. No matter the circumstance, you could always be worse off. If you are not happy, make a change; you are the only thing standing in the way of your greatness. Don't like your job, find another one. Don't like where you live, move. What's really stopping you? Count your blessings and keep the faith!

If you ever need a pick me up, just watch this video below!

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